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Create a poll
  1. From any group, click Write something... at the top.
  2. Click from the menu in the Create post box.
  3. Write a question and add poll options. You can't include URLs in your poll options.
    • You can also click Upload image to the right of each poll option.
  4. Click Add option if you want more than 2 poll options.
  5. Choose your poll settings. These include:
    • Whether you want to set an end time for your poll
    • Whether you want to show poll options in a random order and to only display results after the poll has ended
    • Whether to hide who voted on the poll
    • Whether to allow people to choose multiple answers
    • Whether to allow anyone to add extra options to the poll
  6. Click Post to share your poll in the group.
Edit your poll
You can only edit your poll if it hasn’t received any votes yet.
If you want to remove a poll option, click to the right of it.
For any other edits, click in the top right of the post, then select Edit post. After you’ve made your changes, click Save.
If the poll was published allowing anyone to add poll options, you cannot change this.
Learn what to do if you want to entirely delete your Workplace post.
Note: Group admins can remove poll options or the post regardless of whether the poll has received any votes yet.

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